Creating a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

How can you stand out while still fitting in? LinkedIn Profile Optimization is the answer. Many claim to be experts in profile makeovers; in reality, LinkedIn profile optimization is both an art and a science, and should be performed only by an experienced professional. After all, your profile is your face to the world! A drab and dull profile will only lead to lost opportunities, while a vibrant, modern LinkedIn profile tells the world you’re here and ready to take on new challenges. 

Whether job seeking, raising professional visibility, or marketing products and services, a well-constructed, beautifully positioned profile on LinkedIn contains all the elements necessary for success. Thousands of executives have selected to reduce time-to-hire, sell products or services, and raise brand recognition.

5 main areas of the profile deserve attention:

  1. Your Profile Picture 

People are more willing to look at pictures or video than read the written word. The LinkedIn profile offers visual integration on your profile with the addition of your profile photo and banner image (area behind your photo). While you don’t need to pay a professional to take your picture, you do want to follow a few simple rules – a smiling, forward-facing, recent image works best. Look professional but not stuffy; competent but not arrogant. Easy, right? According to LinkedIn, profiles with pictures are 21 times more likely to be viewed.

  1. Your Profile Headline

Think keywords. How might LinkedIn users search for someone with your skills? These are the keywords you should use. Your headline makes a vast difference between getting found by others and getting lost by in the crowd. Describe the job title you have or want, name 2 or 3 of your very best skills, throw in an adjective or two, and voila! You have a keyword worthy headline. For example:

“Dynamic Marketing Director • Stellar Team Building • Tech-Savvy Revenue Driver • Transitioning from Retail Sales to Solar Energy”

This really tells a story, and that’s exactly what your headline should accomplish.

  1. Your About Section (formerly, the Summary) 

Your LinkedIn “About” section is your first impression. Never should the About be left undone or completed as an afterthought. This is the story of YOU! The goal is to create a professional, vibrant paragraph or two recapping your professional reputation and why it matters. If you’re feeling timid about writing your own About, consider hiring LinkedIn professional profile services to get it done correctly and swiftly.

  1. Skills and Endorsements Section

Many skip over this section of the profile as it seems trivial. After all, anyone can click a button claiming you’re skilled at one thing or another. But when used correctly, this section is much more. For example, did you know LinkedIn’s algorithm scans the skills others endorse you for to help employers find you for specific abilities? The trick is to focus on your strongest skills as evidence of your best capabilities and forget the rest. Five or 6 top skills is perfect. You can also message others who know your work and ask them to endorse you for a specific skill, to get the ball rolling.

  1. Your Job Experience

The Experience section of the profile is where most viewers turn to learn where you’ve worked, the positions you’ve held, length of employment, and other crucial details. Don’t leave it blank! Remember LinkedIn is a big search engine, so the more times you can comfortably insert your keywords, the better. This means adding job descriptions to every job entry. Oh, and don’t go back more than 10 years…recruiters have little to no interest in what you did in 2010 or earlier; they want to know if – today – you have the skills and experience to do the job at hand.

If you struggle with writing well about yourself, consider hiring an experienced LinkedIn profile writer to create a professional LinkedIn profile and resume

Victoria A. Ipri is CEO of Philadelphia-based and a nationally recognized expert in both LinkedIn for personal branding and the application of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) for resumes. We guarantee your resume will reach the listing recruiter or organization, using our proprietary system.